Using RSS To Improve Your Online Business

Really Simple Syndication or RSS can offer you a lot of opportunities online.  It can help you manage your subscribers and it can also help you spread your news around. And, it brings information you want and need directly to you.  Beyond adding RSS to your blog page, consider all the free tools you use that offer RSS and think about how you can use them to benefit your internet marketing business.

Uses for RSS

-Add your RSS feeds for the article diretories you write for to your blog sidebar. This creates decor for your blog and brings people and search engines to your articles. Do this on your regular blogs but also create some free blogs to do this with as well through tools like WordPress, Blogspot and others.

-Add your RSS feeds to your Squidoo pages and HubPages. There are modules set up within those tools that allow you to choose to add feeds, label them and design the way they’ll appear. Not only are you adding value and aesthetics to those pages by doing this, but you’re also increasing the chance that a viewer will click a link to one of those catchy titles. Be sure to show teasers in your settings!

-Submit your RSS feeds to Twitter via a tool like Twitterfeed so that as you update various sites of yours online it’ll update your Twitter status automatically.

-Save time by setting up a feed reader of your own (such as Google Reader) so you can check once daily for news and other information instead of having to surf to many regular spots. Getting relevant news and information delivered to you such as posts from SeanSEO can be very worthwhile. Click here to subscribe to the SeanSEO RSS feed.