5 Black Hat Techniques To Avoid In Internet Marketing

Black Hat is a name for cheating or manipulating the search engines to get better rankings. Many internet marketers are tempted to toe the line and cheat the search engines. So what exactly is Black Hat?

The bottom line is that the technique is black hat if it is unnatural or unethical. If the search engine is tricked into ranking a webpage higher than it should, there is something fishy going on. You should not use these methods in the first place, but just in case you are contemplating it, here is a short list of 5 Black Hat Techniques you should stay away from.

Burglar Techniques5 Black Hat Techniques To Avoid

I have listed these techniques in no particular order of severity.

1. Webpage Flooding

Ever seen a salespage that said this: Create a 1000 page website in 10 minutes? The black hat people use a script that instantly creates 100’s and 1000’s of pages with keyword stuffed content. It may have worked in the past, it may still work – if you’re silly enough to do it, but the point is this: Google will catch you out and give you the big old slap eventually. Bad idea #1.

2. Invisible text

This one is so outdated, it’s not even funny! The Black hat technique is to place a white text (with keywords) on a white background. Great idea, if ‘only’ people read websites. But search engines are colorblind and can read all the writing. Bad idea #2.

Internet Marketing and Black Hat

3. Cloaking

Cloaking is an outdated technique that shows one page to Googlebot (the search engine spider) and another to the visitor. Why do they do that? Well, the idea is to show you, the reader, a page that sells, but another keyword optimised page to Googlebot. Bad idea #3.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Google wants to read a natural page that makes sense to human visitors and rank it according to it’s own merits. Stuffing keywords in everywhere possible isn’t just unnatural but it’s also a very outdated method that will get you pushed down the searchengine rankings very fast! Bad idea #4.

5. Doorway Pages

A Doorway Page is a specially built webpage that is only designed to attract a ranking with the search engines. It then redirects automatically to the ‘real page’. This is still a very popular method and is used widely by SEO firms to profit. Beware! This is Bad Idea #5

I hope this list has convinced you how pointless these techniques are. As an internet marketer, you should build your webpages naturally and we are all winners in the end. And most af all: Have fun in the process!