Organic SEO – Keyword Integration Tips

Organic SEOWhen you are writing content for your site or blog, it’s vital to integrate keyword phrases that are shown to be searched for. By doing this, you increase the chances of your article or site being listed when people  search for that phrase.

The right combination of keywords and sales copy can result in a sale for you so using that keyword research to your advantage is wise. Here are some Keyword Integration tips for you to use:

1. Add Keywords To Your Titles

Titles that contain keywords get noticed by search engines and by people. Search engine spiders read article titles, so if they look relevant, you have a better chance of that page getting indexed.

2. Add Keywords To Photos

A picture is truly worth 1,000 words. But as relevant as your photo is to your content, the search engine spider can’t read it. By naming your photo with your keywords, you’re telling search engines what the photo is of and that makes your content more keyword rich and more relevant to your topic.

3. Add Meta Tags

Another part of Keyword Integration is to make sure relevant keywords are in the meta tags as well as page categories. If it’s a blog, the blog tags should have keywords and related keywords as well.

4. Construct A Keyword Rich URL

Hopefully your URL has a keyword in it and your page should have a keyword-based construction as well. If possible, the page title should be part of the URL rather than just having a numbered URL.

5. Add Keywords To The Text

Sprinkle your primary, secondary, tertiary, and related keywords into the text. Don’t stuff it but make sure keywords are present in every paragraph and subheading.

6. Write A Great Meta Description

The meta description is not just for search engines. Use keywords but also use it as a reason to click. This short description isn’t just for the search engine spiders. It’s also for the human viewers who will compare the summaries in the search engine pages to help them determine whether or not your page is the one they’ll click first.

7. Off Page SEO

Beyond everything that exists on the page for keyword optimisation, off-page SEO is going to be helpful too. Consider linking from another page on your blog or site with keywords. Do this on social media sites as well as on article directories so that search engines see your site as relevant to your chosen keyword.

There are a lot of ways that Keyword Integration will help you. First and foremost, you want to write great content that’s valuable to the reader but after you’ve done that, going through and adding keywords to various parts of the page, while being careful to maintain the integrity of the content, is going to help you with SEO as well as with sales conversion rates.

About Sean Rasmussen

I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. Exactly Sean, it’s all about keywords. Keywords make it possible for our websites to be found through all the clutter, the better keywords we use, the better we’ll be found. There’s alot of blog plugins you can use to make your blog fully SEO monetized and you can configure them anyway you like to make sure that you are indexed and optimized to get traffic from all the big search engines, great tips.

    • Hi Terrance,
      SEO plugins can be very beneficial, one I have personally found to be quite good is “all in one seo pack” for WordPress. These plugins can certainly help with SEO, but there is still plenty of manual work that can be done to optimise your pages for the best benefit.
      Regards – Sean

  2. One thing that has never been clearly understood by myself was what the keyword density should be – or moreover what the optimal keyword density is…

    Many Internet Marketers believe that it should be 1.5-2%, while other believe more around the 5% mark.

    I have also heard that search engines (aka Google) can also penalize you for too many keywords.

    • There is really no optimal keyword density in my opinion Cemil. Above all, the article needs to cater to search engines and people alike, so a keyword stuffed article is not likely to be a whole lot of good to you, as readers will pretty quickly pick up on it and hit the little red X button. As a rule of thumb, if the keyword fits and makes sense to readers, I use it and try not to focus a whole lot on the density side of things. What I do make sure of, is employing the SEO tips mentioned in the article to my target keyword.
      Regards – Sean

  3. Hey Sean,

    Do you have a recommended software, that helps you find good key word to try and rank for?

    • Hi John,
      There are a couple of keyword research programs I could recommend. If you are looking for the complete package, Market Samurai is very good in my opinion. If you are looking for a free keyword tool, try the Google keyword tool.
      Regards – Sean

      • John

        I would endorse Sean’s recommendation of Market Samurai. Although the Goggle Keyword Tool will find you plenty of keywords, the competition analysis it provides is around Adwords. It doesn’t necessarily mean the competition in organic search.
        Whereas Market Samurai goes into a lot more depth aimed at organic search.

  4. There’s a lot to think about with keyword integration. Definitely not a matter of just trying to get the words in there just any how. But it’s great to know that all these little things count towards climbing up the pages. As always, it’s a balance between pleasing the bot and the human reader.

  5. I agree that Market Samurai is terrific. I find that I am always amazed at how much information is available there.

    Proper keyword usage in every department is obviously essential and must not be overlooked.

    One day I will be able to make a list of things to do and in the order of importance. Certainly keyword work will be close to the top of the list.


  6. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    These are excellent keyword integration tips. Keywords are so vital because everything you do to optimize your site revolves around them. I prefer MS to help me choose the right keywords.

    I rely heavily on MS for my keyword research. Is this okay or should I branch out and use other tools as well?

    • MS should provide you with just about everything you need for keyword research Jazz. Keep it simple, once you have something that works well for you, stick to it 🙂

  7. Hi Sean,

    These Keyword tips are so valuable to know about and put into action.

    I must remember to add keywords to my photo images. I have purchased Market Samurai and I am going through the tutorials at the moment . I know I will be really good at keyword research in the very near future.