Integrating Awkward Keyword Phrases

People who do keyword research as part of their SEO efforts can make more money. Keyword research absolutely helps you create aggressive pay per click campaigns and improve your organic SEO.

Working With Awkward Keyword Phrases

Some of the words and phrases you’ll find in your keyword research efforts will be awkward keyword phrases, as far as getting them into your text goes. But having them in your text could be very beneficial, so here are some tips:

Awkward Keywords Add White Noise
• Add Punctuation
• Reverse the Order
• Ask Questions
• Subheadings
• Links

White noise words, such as:

• as
• of
• the
• and

Other similar words may help you work awkward keyword phrases into a sentence. If the phrase can be used without additional words, this is better than adding additional words, but adding white noise words will often result in a similar outcome as search engines may not see those words as important.

Punctuation can help as well. If you have a long tail keyword that includes a place name, for instance, punctuation can help. You can start the phrase at the end of a sentence and then continue the phrase at the beginning of a new sentence. The search engine will read those words as in close proximity and this could help you get indexed for the phrase.

Reversing the order of the phrase may help as well. Some words don’t fit very well into a sentence as they read in your keyword research but try mixing them up to see if they can work that way.

Weird keyword phrases that are regularly searched do come from people so it can be helpful to work a phrase in as a question. If someone searches for “Best widget supplier Sydney”, you can try working that phrase in like this: “Are you looking for the best widget supplier? Sydney has a lot of options but not all widget suppliers in Sydney are created equally”. You’ve used the phrase and you’ve also used a variation of that phrase in close proximity.

Sometimes a phrase won’t work well in text but could fit in a subheading. Keyword rich subheadings, especially if formatted with html tags such as H2 or H3 can really help you with your SEO as the search engines will see the content as more relevant to your subject matter.

Keyword phrase anchor text links are also extremely helpful. By taking an awkward phrase and using it in your website to point to another page or using it off the page pointing to a relevant page on the website, you’ll also be able to enhance your site’s visibility on search engines.

Adding “best widget supplier Sydney” to your resource box on an article directory submission or to a blogroll with a link could be an easy way to use awkward keyword phrases to benefit your internet marketing efforts.

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  1. Love it. Especially the Sydney recommendation. Thanks Sean, I’ve learned something today. (as if you haven’t given me enough to learn already). 🙂

    Regards, Eileen.

    • If you can learn something new everyday and apply what you have learned, you will be on your way to achieving your goals Eileen. Glad you got something from the article.
      Regards – Sean

  2. Agree with Eileen here. If I am not mistaken the Sydney example is also a form of Geo-targeting?

    I have used this before to talk about a great experience that I had in Sydney, and using some of the techniques that I learnt off Sean I did rank on the first page of Google (first article ever to do that) for some time (currently over-taken by local council websites).

    But it was an eye opener on how the little things, put together well can make an impact.

    • Hi Cemil
      Any targeted keyphrase that has a location contained within the phrase is definitely a type of geo-targeting. Great to hear about your first Google front page listing, keep up the good work.
      Regards – Sean

  3. Thanks Sean.

    You’ve been a great inspiration to me over the last few months. Having been to a few of your seminars, webinar’s, YOTA and reading your great posts have definitely helped me.

  4. More stuff to implement. I like the white noise tip as I have tended to stay away from awkward keywords

  5. This is something that has been challenging me and I’ve been wondering what I could do to overcome it. Very handy, indeed. But, by the language of the blog post, I get the sense that these are just suggestions. No definitive answers on what will work exactly on the search engines with awkward keywords.

  6. Thanks for that help. Certainly trying to fit all the important keywords into the text and sound natural and not spammy is a real undertaking.

    I think your suggestions are spot on. Personally if find that the use of the question asking bit has helped me through some awkward keywords. Also the white noise words are very valuable.

    I know that keywords are very important and essential but I always shy away from including them in the text if I feel they come out awkward and artificial. I hope I’m right in this.

    • Yes, you are spot on Dobbs. If your writing reads badly due to inserting words that don’t fit, this could be more detrimental rather than beneficial. Always write for your readers and incorporate your SEO naturally.

  7. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Again, this is great advice. I have completely avoided trying to integrate awkward keyword phrases up to this point. I like your suggestions though and I’ll be using them the next time I run across a keyword phrase that gives me some trouble.

  8. In my main business, helping people to become more of who they are, my main focus is Integrating. Awkward keyword phrases, however, are a challenge when placing them into posts and making them appear as if they are Integrating. Awkward Keyword Phrases can be easy to integrate sometimes. Hey this is fun! 🙂

    • Hi Wal,

      Well done. That’s very clever. I think you’ve got a talent for integrating awkward keyword phrases and making it appear natural. You should definitely do this more often. 🙂

      • Yes Wal.
        It becomes quite a skill to have to integrate awkward keywords but good use of grammar and a little bit of effort go a long way.

  9. Fitting longtail keywords coherently into a sentence so that it doesn’t appear spammy, or just stuffed in for the sake of it, is often difficult.

    Reversing the order for awkward keyword phrases is a good solution and quite workable too, especially when used in conjunction with “white noise” words.

    Now to click on anchor texts and refresh myself about them.

  10. Thanks Sean,

    These are some really clever ways for integrating awkward keyword phrases that I was not aware of.

    In days gone by I have always just kept my long tail keywords together which does look artificial & unnatural.

    I am enjoying learning through reading this blog! : )

  11. Wow! This is superb and so full of wonderful tips.
    How not to have awkward keword phrases interesting.
    I will cetainly take this to heart and try to incorporate these actions into my postings.
    I will need to re-read so I get all the details correct.
    More note taking and I just love the ‘white noise’ aspect.: )

  12. Hi Sean

    Working with awkward keyword phrases is most important to know how to do and you have included some wonderful ways on how to insert them into the text.

    I especially like the white noise words (what a great description)and I finally found out what anchor text links are . Thank you.

  13. What good and cogent advice. I thought your explanation was not only solid, but very easy to understand, even by newbies.

    The “proximity” explanation is hardly ever explained by the “experts” to a mixed crowd, such as you did.

    It’s nice to go half way around the world to get great information and the “ticket” costs nothing but a few moments of (worthwhile) time.

    Write on,
    Tom Justin

  14. wilson Tiong says:

    Great, learn something new today about “Integrating Awkward Keyword Phrases”. So much to learn under keyword research! Hope I can master it soon!