How To Get More Backlinks

Get More BacklinksLinks to your site can do a lot for your search engine marketing efforts. They provide a stream of traffic both from people and from search engines.

A linking strategy is vital for being found online and there are many ways to get plenty of links pointing to your site. They count as a vote for your site from a popularity and relevancy perspective and they can direct people who want to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

The list below will show you how to effectively Get More Backlinks to your website, which will give you some great SEO benefits.

How Do You Get More Backlinks

Social bookmarking – For everything you do online, you should bookmark it. You may have your favourite bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon or Delicious, or you may have a strategy whereby you use different sites for different purposes. Bookmarks bring you people and they bring you search engine rankings for your desired keywords. Use keywords and use tags when you bookmark to improve the results!

Microblogging – Adding your links as part of your Twittering, Plurking, Facebook status updates, etc will point links to your site that bring you people and search engine bots.

Article marketing – Creating articles pre-sells people on your product and points search engines to your site regarding your topic.

Linking to authority sites could get you backlinks. Add links to authority sites on your articles and blogs and not only may those other sites link back to you, but if you’re linking to a site with authority it elevates your site’s relevancy to your niche in the eyes of search engines.

Make Web 2.0 pages like Squidoo lenses and HubPages. Make useful documents that pre-sell readers and send traffic to your site for more information. Use your desired keywords as the anchor.

Comment on blogs related to your niche. The blog’s readers might visit you and subscribe to you and the search engines will notice the connection, blog commenting is a great way to Get More Backlinks quite easily.

RSS feeds are great. Submit your feeds to feed directories for extra traffic.

Press releases – Write press releases related to your product launches and submit them for publications.

Make videos for YouTube and other video sites and link back to your site.

Answer questions related to your niche on answer sites and use your link in the resource section.

Blogroll exchanges – Blogroll sites relevant to your niche and ask those sites to do the same.

Start a meme – A blog meme is like a chain letter. If you get people to participate, ask them to link back to you. Participate in existing memes as well and others will link to you.

Post on forums and put your link in your signature. Every post you put on the forum will give you a backlink.

Buy links – Not everyone does this and seach engines don’t look on it favourably but you may find a perfect blog with a high ranking for a keyword that you would like to be listed on. The blog owner may be willing to give or sell you a permalink on their site.

Guest posting – Offer to write a high quality and relevant guest post on popular blogs or sites in your niche for a link back to your site. Most site owners are hungry for content and because they can derive revenue from your post, they may be more than happy to let you post on their site for free.

The more links you get from high quality sites, the better it is for your SEO and the more chances of driving targeted human traffic to your site. Hopefully this article has given you plenty of ideas to create your own strategies to Get More Backlinks to your website.

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I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. Wow what a great post thanks for this…. super – so simple to understand… ta.

  2. Very informative and interesting article. I would like to emphasize blog commenting, even if most blogs presently are “nofollow” leaving comments behind is highly recommended. Not only does it provide exposure to your website it also drives traffic from readers and webmasters.

    • Hi G. Amorsolo,
      Great comments. Whether you comment on a dofollow or nofollow blog, there are still great benefits of both (providing it is not a suspicious or adult content type of site). Dofollow is in my opinion the best, however there is plenty of traffic and exposure available from nofollow blog comments.

      Regards – Sean

  3. Sean, great information! You really broke it down in simple terms. Very well written. Thanks for sharing!

    Judah Swagerty
    Internet Marketer / Entrepreneur Success & Life Strategies Coach

    • Sean Rasmussen says:

      Hi Judah,

      Great to hear you enjoyed the post. All the best with your marketing.

      Regards – Sean

  4. Thanks Sean – Super post. Cheers

  5. Hi Sean,

    Do you have like a “Top 10” list of Web 2.0 or social bookmarking where its worth spending your time?

    As I have learn’t from you; your time is important and you must get the highest possible ROI. So I am looking for ways to get the best backlinks for the time I invest.

  6. Thanks for the most useful post, Sean. Those are all great ideas which should become frequent habits! I might offer commenter Cemil the Alexa resource for top ranked sites. There is a page on the Alexa site called /topsites, where you can see the current top-500-ranked websites. Just scan the list for social media names and those are the biggies. Here’s to everyone’s Apt Success!

  7. I’d say guest posting is one of the best – as long as the guest authors submit unique articles. Together with article marketing it can generate quite a bit of traffic.

  8. Thanks Sean

    I am understanding more and more the value of getting diverse and quality back links.
    When you talk about links on Social media status updates does that mean when you post on your profile? And when you do use keywords if possible?

  9. It’s encouraging to know there’s a wide range of methods to get backlinks. Before I started learning about this stuff, I thought the only option was to get people to have a link to your website on theirs. There’s plenty more ways than that.

  10. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    This is a very detailed list. I’m already doing some of these to get backlinks but not all. I’m going to step up my efforts and do all of them regularly. I feel like I can do all of them except for buying links. I’m not ready to do that just yet.

  11. Thank you very much for your post.This information really help me to get more backlinks.


  12. Hi Sean,
    That sure is a lot of ways to get backlinks. In conjunction with all those methods, if you are writing killer content, you will boost the number of links coming in exponentially and soon the links will be creating themselves. A meme sounds interesting, I will have to give that a go. Thanks!

  13. Sue Brown says:

    Oh that’s great. I had been reading about backlinks and pooing myself as to how to get so many. This is great, you are so informative. thanks again,

  14. Hi Sean

    Just reading through this post has made me feel very excited about how I can create back links in such a variety of ways.

    It seems to me that once a person becomes proficient in creating blogs, they will automatically know how to get back links happening as it will all be part of promoting, posting articles on the blog and even putting videos in them (that sounds really exciting).

    It is all such alot of fun having your guidance in these matters Sean. Thankyou so much,


  15. Those are good tips. Certainly article marketing is good for backlinking – I have done reasonably well with it and my site PR reflects it (I think!)

  16. A very comprehensive list – this information is really useful. I know that I have only used a very small number of these options, and that’s exciting, as that means I have a lot more I could be doing :).

    Never heard of meme. I wondered how most people react to this concept? The idea put me off a bit when you said it was a bit like a chain letter?

  17. Hey Sean,

    These will be a great help once my blog and I get acquainted with one and other and I can really share it out there with the world and hope that the world will share back! *grin*

    Just a thought!



  18. What a straight forward, detailed list. A great check list to follow. This one is definitely getting printed and posted by my computer. I’ll just have to find a spot amongst all the little yellow post-it notes reminding me of all my passwords.

  19. Hi Sean,
    As I’m learning from your Aussie Internet Marketing Blogs and especially from this article, backlinks are super important to having my site found by anyone online.

    Now I understand why all the above mentioned sites are important to my Internet Marketing program. This is a valuable article post, if I ever saw one. Thanks, Sean.

  20. Thanks Sean! I had been wondering how to get more backlinks & it’s great to see so many quick tips! 🙂 I know I definitely need to work on my social bookmarking & article marketing, as I haven’t put much time into those yet… YET! 😉

  21. Great post about getting more backlinks. In regards to commenting, there is a great wordpress plugin called commentluv. Any time you post a comment to a blog you will see your latest post appear within the comment stream. Check it out!

  22. Thanks Sean! I hadn’t thought of the RSS feed directories!

  23. Hi Sean, Thanks for the great post. I started building backlinks just now for our website and your article helped me in understanding about how to build backlinks.

  24. Great tips, also use rss feed swaps and create a Facebook fanpage and you will get many strong backlinks to your website. Remember to build slowly, but naturally 🙂 Google will love you for it.

  25. How to get a quality back links?
    And for the new blog, which is better between the “back links to the main page or post page? please help me,,thanks a lot

    • Hi Ric
      You should mix up your backlinks so you get links to your post pages as well as links to your homepage. More links to internal pages (overall for the entire site) is good, but make sure you still have plenty to your homepage. Otherwise it will look unnatural to the search engines.

  26. Very good article, I just started working on my backlinks using squidoo and hub pages.

  27. Great post! Such a post should really help people to their basics right in SEO. Have been involved in article marketing campaigns for some time now and I agree with all the points that you have mentioned above. One of the greatest advantages of article marketing is that they are not only giving you backlinks but at the same time you are going to get quality backlinks if your articles are published in high pr article directories.

  28. Be wary of companies that solicit a overnight miracle for your website. With only a limited number of first page ads available on Google the vast majority of sites will never land on the first page of any search term. Utilize integration will other companies that provide goods or services that compliment the nature of your business. Both companies will benefit from the cross reference.

  29. Thank you for sharing all this information. I am looking to build more backlinks and you have helped a lot!

  30. thank you for the tips….

  31. Thanks for the list, i wasnt quite sure where to start in building my backlinks but this list seems manageable and understandable. It was written some time ago, I wonder if there are any new strategies to add?

  32. Thank you for sharing this post with us! I am dealing with SEO since few months and still I have much to learn. You presented us all the useful information about getting more backlins in just few minutes of reading! This is amazing. I found here few great tips how to increase my traffic and conversions 🙂 I am dealing with most of the things you mentioned about but some of them are new to me and I am going to add them to my task list, thanks.

  33. This is a top post with an excellent overview of backlinks. Although written more than two years ago, the strategies are still sound today.

  34. Hi this is really helpful but do you know hoe to track links and track Google rankings>

  35. Great Article Brother, thank you, just got a whole load of tips!! Will be applying them one by one to my site… Looks like I have a lot more to learn than I thought!! 🙂 Thanks again…

  36. CrescentSkies says:

    Much better than most of the guides I see up about backlinks now adays. Normally they’re all just advertisements, glad to see yours has some quality to it!

  37. I think another good way to get brand awareness is through the use of video. It’s definitely worthwhile for a business to make an investment on producing a video showing people what they are about. What I find as a user of websites is that we are bombarded with info, when we watch a video however we tend to stay more interested (if it is done right). My preference is youtube and vimeo. If you use HTML5 on your website, it shouldn’t be too hard embedding the video, and you’ll save on bandwidth by hosting it on the free sites.

  38. Links building is ideally take long time. Your tips are really useful ,but somehow,even after doing all that you mentioned , my pagerank is not improving. I am very much bothered.
    I want to get good pagerank and get more traffic. I am not getting visitors at all. I am feeling very bad.

  39. Backlinks always have been pretty tricky and hard for most people to really get a good grasp on and master. There really is no one magic bullet for this. So much to learn in SEO.

    Thanks for putting together this comprehensive “How To Get More Backlinks” list. Easy to follow and very insightful, I’ve learned quite a bit and can’t wait to start doing a few tings to start building my backlinks that you recommended.

  40. Great and very useful list of all link building activities. Very helpful for all SEO beginners

    Thanks 🙂

  41. Your post indeed makes sense. Im now starting to to create backlinks on my website and getting rankings is not as easy as you think. I have a question to the experts, lets say I purchase keywords from a site that allows you to link the keyword back to your own website as backlinks ex. , is this considered as quality backlinks or not? Kindly advise. Thanks.

  42. Getting Backlink and putting backlink is also very tricky these days because lots of guys spam for backlinks.

    Thanks for the above information you posted for us.

    Thanks again

  43. Some good tips, thanks. I think overall it just takes time to really build quality links to your site. No one can do it overnight!

  44. The problem I frequently run into with commenting on blogs, is that most people have their blog as nofollow, and on top of that when they see that my link is to my commercial site the deny my comment, even if its useful and not all spammy. Makes the whole process difficult 🙁

  45. Thanks for this informative post. Do-follow backlinks are a really great way to increase your traffic. Another gold mine of traffic is posting on sites that list their (Top Commentors) in the sidebar. This is your opportunity to not only generate a backlink but also to get front page exposure. Some site typically take around 5-7 posts to make it to the top commentor list. Yours in Success…