Getting Free Online Traffic

Free Online TrafficThere are plenty of ways to get traffic online. Sure, you can pay for it but you can also get Free Online Traffic. Very often, the free traffic is the best type because it can be pre-qualified and go really viral.

Here are some tips that can help you get more traffic without having to pay heavy pay per click fees for it. Some of these methods take a bit of time and energy but the results can be well worth it!

Organic SEO

Organic SEO will always be the best way to go. Working regularly to increase your organic traffic that arrives as a result of search engine placement will provide you with the best ROI for your time.

Spend time regularly on keyword optimisation techniques and putting plenty of great content on your site and this is going to help you get targeted traffic. There are plenty of SEO tutorials and SEO blogs you’ll find online that will give you plenty of tips and tricks.

Free Classified Sites

There are quite a few free classified sites that will let you advertise for free. You can place enticing ads and get search engine traffic as well as foot traffic. By writing the ads well and categorising properly, you can get targeted traffic to your site.


Community forums that are somehow related to your niche can be a great way to get Free Online Traffic. Not only are there often “buy, sell, or trade” sections that can be great for you but you can contribute value to conversations which can make people want to learn more about you.

A forum signature and a profile on the site can help you attract traffic to your site. Not just that, but if you do have a link to your site in your forum signature, every post you make will equate to backlinks to your website and this can increase your search engine optimisation.

Web 2.0 Sites

The web is definitely all about interactivity. By its very nature the web is social today and social media / web 2.0 sites can help you get loads of free traffic.

Bookmark blog posts and web 2.0 pages on your social bookmarking and microblogging sites, network with people on life streaming and micro-blogging tools, and get more traffic to the sites you link to. By creating a great online persona, you’ll also attract people because you’ll be building your brand recognition.

Web 2.0 sites also have the power of being extremely viral. If people like you and what you’re saying, they’ll re-post your links and tell their friends about you.

Article Directories

Articles are like food for search engines and for people. Post articles online to article directories that allow you to create a by-line that links to your website. These sites are free (and some even offer revenue sharing) and they can help you get more targeted traffic from search engines as well as increase your search engine power.

If you work regularly with free traffic sources you can exponentially increase your website’s traffic both through search engine rankings and through getting people to visit your site.

You might decide to also pay for some traffic through pay per click, but it’s quite wise to continually utilise Free Online Traffic as much as possible as well.

About Sean Rasmussen

I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. I really like the idea of the free traffic. Obviously there is a lot more to it than just search engines. You have provided lots of ideas Sean to be looking at.

    I have seen many selling ebooks promoting free traffic. I presume it is all this stuff. And you are not charging for it.
    That says something doesn’t it!

  2. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    I am enjoying learning SEO and seeing the results from it. I think I want to use that as a base for getting free traffic and implement the other strategies around that.

    • Hi Jazz,

      isn’t it fun to learn all that stuff? And isn’t it amazing how much traffic you can generate without paying a cent – just by doing it right?

      Once you know how to do it getting free online traffic is really easy 🙂

  3. Hi Sean,
    thanks for some great free online traffic sources. I had some free adds out there, but it seems like I need to improve my headline writing skills as I didn’t get any traffic from there. But at least I didn’t spend any money and still learned something from it 🙂

  4. Hi Jo,
    you are absolutely right. As soon as something becomes “clutter” you don’t really need it in your life. It is just taking up precious space and energy. Simplicity and concentrating on the things that are really important to you will get you to the life you want and deserve really fast. And the teachings of Napoleon Hill can help us on that way.

  5. Hi Sean,
    It’s good to be learning about Organic SEO and free traffic through Social Media. By reading your articles I’m learning so much about getting online traffic.

    I once thought that Facebook and Twitter were the only social media sites. Learning that there are many more means that Internet Marketers have a really good opportunity to be Getting Free Online Traffic.

  6. Until about a year ago, I didn’t want to go near Facebook, let alone any other social media site. My, I’ve come a long way ;)!

    I think I need to explore some community forums within my niche.

  7. You and me both Hilary. Facebook was my way of keeping in touch with one friend (about monthly) and playing a game linked to FB!

    Now it is so nice to see others joining me or inviting me to be friends. In the long run, I prefer it to Twitter as it is easier to follow messages etc.

  8. Getting free online traffic is a must, however an amount of consistent work is required to do so.
    I think getting involved with forums that are in common with my niche would be one really productive way to go, plus many of the other suggestions you have given us.

    There is a lot of informatin here to go through.

  9. I really don’t like social networks, but it is a good way to expose your site