4 Steps That Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Conversion RatesWhat’s a good Conversion Rate for your website? A rate that’s bigger than the last time you checked! Constantly working to increase the rate at which visitors become customers can help you grow your business and increase the profits of your money making pursuits. Increased conversion equals increased revenue and profit.

A lot of internet marketers strive to first achieve a conversion of 2%. This means that for every 100 visitors to your website, 2 people will make a purchase. Once you achieve this percentage, it’s time to strive to increase it.

It is very possible to get to double digit rates but this takes time, effort, testing, and some patience. There are tools and techniques that can help. Here are some logical steps for you to follow:

1. Site Optimisation

The first thing you can do to increase your Conversion Rate is ensure your website is optimised for search engines. Getting search engine traffic is half the battle. (The other half is converting people once they arrive).

There are various aspects to website optimisation. On-page optimisation, keyword optimisation, and off-page optimisation are important aspects to cover. Learn all you can about search engine optimisation and implement strategies that get your site some targeted traffic.

2. Traffic Optimisation

Not all traffic is equal. You want to get traffic that’s interested in what you are selling otherwise it truly doesn’t matter whether they visit you or not. Research keywords relevant to online places where your potential customers might frequent.

3. Visitor Conversion

Once traffic lands on your pages, is your website content compelling enough to convert those visitors into customers? Work on your web copy so that you can use it to convince people to buy what you’re selling.

It might take more than a page of content to covert though, so consider convincing visitors to your site to join your newsletter or your free e-course. That way you can get permission to market to them in the future!

4. Constant Analysing

Finally, analyse your traffic, your site, your competition, and your keywords regularly. This can help you continue to tweak various aspects of your strategy that can help you continue to maintain an existing Conversion Rate as well as to increase it.

Information is your friend online so use the information you can gather about your traffic to your advantage and you will definitely see increased opportunities for growth and profit.

About Sean Rasmussen

I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. Hi Sean,
    This is such a great internet marketing site. I found it on a link in Ange Angesbiz.com. Your internet coaching is invaluable,
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  2. Thanks for answering my question I posted elsewhere on conversion rates

  3. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the great tips. This is something I’ll need soon.

  4. Looks like the key to increase your conversion rate is having the right keywords from the very start.

    Thanks good to free keyword research tools, I am busy with researching my keywords to make sure I am in the best possible position to achieve my goals and get the conversions I need to be successful.

    • Hi Renee,

      Everything seems to rely heavily on our choice of keywords. Luckily there are so many great keyword tools to make our job easier. We just have to make sure we choose the right ones.

      There are a lot of areas we can improve on to increase our conversion rates. It’s about continual improvement and I’ve certainly got a lot of areas I can improve.

  5. Your information about optimizing with seo techniques to help increase website conversions is insightful. I am always looking at other ways to optimize like landing page seo. There are so many different ways to optimize a website. Article marketing is still one of the best ways via backlinks too.