Benefits Of Using Google Analytics

Benefits Of Using Google AnalyticsIf you are an internet marketer, you have either heard of Google Analytics, or you have been living in the stone age. Google Analytics is a Google tool that can be used to track information on how potential customers use your website and how they get there.

Using Google Analytics allows you to track keyword performances and to generate detailed statistics about your site. These statistics can be very helpful in your next optimisation campaign. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Google Analytics

Easily Tracks Online Campaigns

The Google Analytics system is designed to track online campaigns such as keyword and email campaigns. You can use these website statistics to further optimise your campaigns and rest assured that all of your information is kept private from everyone but you.

Shows Where Your Visitors Are Coming From

It can be difficult to easily pinpoint exactly how your visitors ended up at your site. With Google Analytics, you can see which pages and links are the most popular for bringing visitors. You can also see what keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Website traffic reports can be an invaluable feature for determining which of your campaigns are bearing the most fruit.

Find And Keep Your Most Successful Campaigns

The program shows information about each search engine optimisation campaign you run. This allows you to figure out which campaign is working and which ones aren’t. Better yet, it gives you the information you need to segment your results by referral source, new or returning visitors, etc.

Allows You To Create Better Content

With the data you get with the Google Analytics reports, you can see what pages are working and which need some tweaking. You may find that all it takes are the addition of a few high-ranking keywords to a page, or maybe it needs a complete overhaul. Either way, you won’t be wasting time on what doesn’t work anymore.

It’s Free!

Yes, it’s true that many free tools aren’t worth bothering with, but Google Analytics actually offers as many, if not more, functions as comparable tools that can cost you a fortune. Best of all, it doesn’t just collect information from Google searches. The tool takes all search engine results into account when collecting important data. This way you can look at all pertinent results collectively, saving time and reaching all audiences.

By using Google Analytics, I’m sure it will prove to be a very valuable tool in your next search engine optimisation campaign. If you are yet to use this free tool, you are missing out on a world of information about your visitors that you probably never knew.