Google Analytics And Keyword Tools – Are You Using Them?

A lot of people think you need to be running a pay per click campaign to use the Google Keyword Tool and Google Analytics. A lot of people also think you have to pay for tools to get any value from them.

By using free Google tools you can create an effective pay per click campaign but you can also use this information in other ways as well, including:Google Analytics And Keyword Tools

• Choosing a niche.
• Choosing keywords.
• Understanding trends.
• Learning about your traffic.
• Sharing information.
• Strategising for the future.

Keyword Research

The free Google Keyword Tool does a lot of things. One option is that it helps you search on key phrases to determine how much ads will cost. Use this to help you with your pay per click campaigning but you can also use it to help you make money with Adsense.

If you’re running a contextual ad program, you can use this info to help you figure out which keywords and niches you might want to target for displayed ads. Get the right ads up and get some decent traffic and your website or blog could be well-monetised.

By performing keyword research and looking for popular keywords and for less popular keywords, you can figure out how to rank for the words and phrases people are using. This can help you determine how to get more traffic for your website and can be very valuable in highly competitive niches.

Website Traffic Stats

The Google Analytics tool can also tell you a lot about your website traffic through visitors, e-mail marketing data, and referring website information. The site offers over 80 different types of reports that can tell you a lot of information about your site and your visitors and this info could help you fine-tune your website copy so that you can increase conversion rate, organic search engine indexing, and ad revenue.

You can share this information with other people in your organization as well as companies that you work with, such as joint venture partners, SEO companies, virtual assistants, etc.

There are plenty of paid and free online tools out there that can help you. The more you learn about your website’s efficacy and the more you learn about trends and your target audience, the better equipped you’ll be to make a decent online income.