Offline Marketing Tips For Online Marketers

Offline Marketing For Online MarketersMost internet marketers tend to focus their efforts online. Of course, this makes sense as they are offering services or products through a website. But don’t forget about the opportunities presented by meeting people in person.

Start local and make your community’s residents aware of what your company provides online, this is a great way of utilising offline marketing for your online business.


An excellent way to merge online and offline marketing is to organise a tweetup. Short for Twitter meet-ups, tweetups are a way to invite followers who live in a particular city or region to meet in person, usually for drinks and / or dinner.

A successful Tweetup relies on several factors. Number one, promote it heavily in the weeks prior to the event. Use a site like for invitations so you can easily keep track of the event and how many followers are planning on attending.

Number two, find a suitable location and ensure that it is large enough to accommodate the number of people you are expecting to attend (and always expect more rather than less). A venue with free Wi-Fi access is best since most attendees are addicted to Twitter and may bring their laptop.

And finally, devise a theme for the event and feature a speaker or some other form of entertainment. The truth is that many people feel like part of a close-knit community online but get them together in person and they may have a difficult time coming up with conversation that isn’t limited to 140 characters or less. Of course, the idea is to promote your online business so there is nothing wrong with featuring yourself as the keynote speaker for the night.


This worldwide organisation is a great one to join. It allows members to learn the finer points of public speaking and also presents a built-in opportunity to for in-person B2B networking. You can attend the first club meeting in your area for free in order to test the waters. There is a small fee for membership but it well worth in terms of the rewards you can reap by becoming an active member. Since it’s all about speaking, you can present a speech relating to your business and what it offers to a captive audience.

Offline Marketing – Local Business Associations

There are any number of associations in regions throughout Australia, for instance, that cater to the specific needs of small businesses. There are organisations aimed at offering mentoring and advice to new business owners, some that provide a network for family-owned companies, and others that focus on offering support to businesses headquartered in specific locations.

There are bound to be several options in your local community. Join as many associations as you can comfortably handle in terms of active membership. The more closely it is aligned with your company’s offerings, the greater benefit you will receive in terms of B2B marketing.

Sometimes the best marketing efforts for an online business come about from your offline marketing activities. Getting out and meeting people face to face has long been one of the best ways to promote interest in your online business and develop lasting relationships. So get off your computer and go meet the people in your town who just might become valued clients, joint business partners, or mentors.