Bookmarking Your Content – Which Social Sites Should You Use?

Bookmarking Content on Social SitesThere are dozens and dozens of social bookmarking sites out there in cyberspace. And if you read up on internet marketing mentoring, you’ll repeatedly hear about the fact that socializing can help you grow your online presence, your site’s organic search engine rankings, and your ability to make money online.

It’s very true that if you spend time on some of these sites, they could help you build relationships, rank well for important niche keywords, and drive sales. Which social sites should you be bookmarking your content on?

Taking Advantage Of Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Different internet marketers extol the virtues of different sites. Some sites are said to be internet marketing goldmines. Some sites are said to be invaluable for link building. Some social networking sites can help you in multiple ways. There are a lot of sites out there, including: StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Mixx, Reddit, and many others.

You could dedicate some regular intervals to social bookmarking / networking sites but you may find that some sites are more effective than others. Taking the time to build new links, find new followers, participate in conversations, and develop online friendships can be critical to attaining success in social media optimisation.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Twitter and Facebook are two sites that most internet marketers currently use. They allow you to build a presence, generate links, and build relationships. Consider starting with these two sites.
  • Follow mentors and model their methods. If you have a mentor, check out their online social web presence and see where they go and what they do. You can model their behaviour to help you experience success on those sites.
  • Follow competitors. Seeing what competitors do on social sites and bridging gaps could be helpful to your website.
  • Check your website statistics. Your website analytics reporting will show you where your links and traffic are coming from. This can help you determine where your efforts are paying off so you can continue to take advantage of the benefits of that site.
  • Vary your approach. Don’t spend all your time pushing links. Participate in conversations, too.
  • Use tools. Use data mining tools. Twitter helps you search for people with like-minded interests. Use this to find people to follow. Use tools that help you manage multiple social bookmarking accounts as well and this will help you save time and maximize the time you spend online.

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