Article Syndication Success – How To Make It Happen

When articles go viral, there are some great benefits for your SEO and to your overall marketing efforts. People see your content, they are exposed to your brand, and you can use this attention in the limelight as an opportunity to widen your marketing reach. Don’t underestimate the power of article syndication.Article Syndication

When you make your articles available for re-print, several things can happen, such as an increase in popularity, opportunity to reach new customers, and improved traffic surge to your website.

If you can make it happen, you can get results from it that equate to traffic, reaching targeted customers, and increasing your popularity in your niche market.

Not all articles submitted to article directories will get picked up by people. But here are some tips for increasing your chance to achieve article syndication success:

Catchy Title

If the title grabs people’s attention, it will do wonders for getting mentioned on social sites as well as enticing people to click. That will help you and also encourage other web publishers to publish your article.

A Great Teaser / First Paragraph

How will you hook the reader? Beyond the title, the first paragraph has to convince them that the article is worth reading.

Article Syndication Success – All About Great Content

Does your article regurgitate info or does it provide a fresh spin? Is it newsworthy / shareworthy? Some of the top syndicated articles are considered hot topics that people are interested in. By writing about something hot, you’ll have more of a chance of other people wanting to capitalise on the story as well.

Beyond the content being interesting and well-written, to get the most out of article syndication, it needs to be something that people will want to re-publish. Think of reader value rather than being self-serving. If you serve the readers well, chances are you’ll get more mileage out of that article than if you use it as a sales pitch. If it’s too salesy, most websites won’t want to publish it either.


Make sure your links are well utilised with articles for article syndication. Because anyone who publishes the article needs to attribute you as the author and keep your links in tact, it’s to your advantage to put some thought into the article resource box.

Make it brief and succinct, use it to get people interested in learning more about you, and most of all, make good use of keyword anchor text links. Don’t make the link a “click here”; instead use a keyword phrase you’d really like to rank for. The more people that publish the article enables you to get more backlinks with that phrase being used and that could result in some page one results for that keyword.

Promote Your Article

Ask friends to post it, ask friends to share it on Facebook or Tweet it, and do some social bookmarking and linking yourself. Once you start things off in terms of getting the article some attention, it might pick up speed on its own from there.

It’s not always easy to create viral articles with article syndication but with a bit of effort and some great content, it could be the ticket to some great results.