How To Use EzineArticles For Maximum Benefit

One of the largest, most-cited article directories on the internet today is EzineArticles. Obviously, writing a good article is a requisite for using this site as a way to build links, authority, and get your content to go viral. But beyond that simple and obvious fact, here are some additional tips on how to use EzineArticles to your internet marketing benefit.

How To Use EzineArticlesGeneral Article Writing Tips

You may have a great idea of a topic related to your e-commerce business to write about, but you will have greater success if you browse through the suggested titles.

Platinum and premium members (who have earned points based on the number of submitted/published articles) both have access to thousands of titles related to their selected niche. According to the site’s blog, “Better Titles = Additional Article Views = More Resource Box Clicks = Higher Website Traffic”.

Use the resource box to include relevant information about you and your company. Tell readers why you’re an expert on a particular topic and drive them to your website. Be sure to select your landing page with care and tweak it so that it is absolutely relevant to those reading your content.

Not sure where to start? Take the time to explore the content already posted on the Ezinearticles site. What are your competitors writing about? Which pieces are most popular? By doing this research, you will also gain further insight into popular keywords and ideas for your niche market.

Remember to make your content stand out. There are more than a quarter of a million members currently writing for this site so only the best, most informative articles will rise to the top. This is also great for achieving a higher authority – and enticing readers to browse through all your content. Browse through categories carefully to try to make articles you write for that category as relevant and valuable as possible.


Ezinearticles has been available on the internet for quite some time and it shows no signs of leaving the virtual community anytime soon. Keeping that thought in mind, remember that evergreen keywords will provide the maximum mileage for your piece.

KeywordsUsing keywords in your articles is important, but do make it sound natural. If it’s obvious that the piece was written merely to gain ranking on specific keywords or as an advertisement for your company, you are not likely to gain traffic or SEO benefit from it. The article publisher will recommend relevant keywords to the article. Is your targeted phrase listed as a recommendation? If not, chances are that your article won’t rank very well for that phrase so some tweaking may be in order.

Use long tail keywords to get further mileage out of your articles. As more and more big businesses are coming on board the article marketing train, expect the number of published articles to rise. Focus on your niche and provide relevant information to your smaller, more targeted market. Write about your company’s specific strengths and how they provide a bigger benefit to the customer than going with the big, impersonal business that is better known.

Don’t forget to publish the RSS feed of your articles elsewhere. Submit it to directories and publish the widget on your blog’s sidebar to showcase your most recent articles.

The key to making Ezinearticles work for your internet marketing strategy is to obtain the highest click-through rate on your content. Just like the text on your web pages, in your sales letter, and on your blog, content is king. Make it interesting, informative, and unique and you will soon find that writing articles for this directory provides some amazing results.

Write often and don’t forget to review the reports that Ezinearticles will send you to see what you’re doing well on so you can replicate those efforts on Ezinearticles and on other article directories as well. Once you learn how to use EzineArticles to it’s full potential, I’m sure you will find the service a great weapon to include in your internet marketing arsenal.