Finding Keywords: Using The Google Keyword Tool

keywords and phrasesThe more you can learn about keywords and key phrases the better off you’ll be with your online pursuits. The Google Keyword tool is a helpful and free tool that internet marketers can use to help you find keywords that can help you with your business. Google offers other tools as well to help you such as Google Analytics which can assist you with maximising your online marketing success by learning more about your website’s traffic patterns.

Let’s look at both ways you can use the Google keywrd tool to help you with your SEO. It is free in part because Google hopes you’ll sign up for a Google Adwords campaign afterward to pay for advertising based on your keywords.

Descriptive Words or Phrases

You can enter a word and get a list of related words this way. If you’re just getting started, this is a good way to start deciding what words and phrases to use in your website.

Website Content

By using this contextual option, the tool will look at an existing website and give you ideas based on the site’s content. This is a good idea if you’re thinking about keywords or a Google Adwords campaign.

Anything you can do to further educate yourself on the way search engines work and think as well as the way human users search for what they want can increase your chances of successful online marketing.