Placement Of Adsense Ads

Placement Of Adsense AdsAre you getting a good income from your Google AdSense campaign? If you are not reaching your potential, the problem may be with your placement of Adsense Ads.

The click through rate (CTR) is dependent on a variety of factors. These include the content of your website, the amount of online traffic you receive, the size of the ads, and where they are placed.

You have the option of placing the ads either above the text on your page, to the left or right of it, in the middle of the article, or at the bottom of the page. Is there really a difference in CTR in relation to placement? Let’s take a look at how placement influences the behaviour of your visitors.

The Way Visitors Scan A Page

It is an accepted fact that people do things in a certain way. When they visit a website, they tend to first look at the information on the top of the page, or post. Not the header or navigation bar, but what is directly below that.

If the text is lengthy, chances are that most visitors won’t read all the way to the bottom. They might scroll down just to give it a quick once over, but for the most part anything at the bottom of the page becomes less likely to be viewed.

The Most Effective Adsense Ad Location

In general terms, the best place for your Adsense Ads is above the text on the page. This is borne out by both Google itself (which includes a “heat map” to help you decide where to place the ads) and independent results.

One savvy AdSense affiliate performed an experiment, moving the placement of the ads and changing the size, then studying the click through rate for each. Sure enough, top placement was most effective.

Of course, this might not work the best for your website. Test placement on your own. You can do this easily by setting up more than one Ad Channel. Create one per ad unit; create additional channels for similar advertisements of the same size.

Each channel should include the ad in a different location so you can do some split testing. At the end of a specific period, record the results for each campaign. You may be surprised at just how much the CTR can vary.

While we generalise about visitors and their viewing habits, the layout, content, and purpose of your site are also key factors. Where do you put images into your post? If graphics are always placed on the right, then you will not want an ad there as well as it will become too busy.

What about your calls to action? Are they placed in the middle of the post? Then that might be a better location for an ad. Where do you focus a visitor’s attention? Wherever that spot is, advertisements will get more notice placed alongside.

The key to a successful Google AdSense campaign is getting visitors to click on the ads. Ensure that your Adsense Ads are placed strategically and you may well see a real boost in your earnings soon.