Blog Comments – Tips To Get More Approved

Blog comments are a great way to get more backlinks and entice traffic to visit your website. It’s also a great way to become part of a community and do some networking. Many internet marketing joint venture and friend circle relationships come from posting on a common website together.Blog Comments

If you have a blog, you should consider making it a regular practice to visit blogs that are related to your niche. But, it’s not always easy to comment in a way that benefits you, without resulting in the blog owner deleting your comments due to excessive promotion.

Here are some tips to help you get blog comments approved more often..

Blog Comments – Be Selective

When blog commenting, be selective about the sorts of blogs you choose to comment on. Is the blog post interesting enough to write a useful and meaningful comment? Participating in the conversation is a key component to getting comments approved for many blog owners. Is the blog a site you’d like your site linked to from a reputation perspective? You don’t want to damage your site by linking to a spam site.

Soon after you try to submit a comment, you’ll start to see how receptive the blog owner is to comments and this can be a good sign of whether or not you’ll want to comment in the future.

Tip: If your comment gets published, consider subscribing to that blog in your RSS feed reader. It may be advantageous to become a regular commenter. By tracking your own website traffic as well, you’ll see where new visitors come from.

Previous Comments Approved? – Keep Commenting!

Regular commenters often bypass the spam filter at the blog owner’s discretion. Some blogs will approve all future posts after your initial post is published.

Not only is there this benefit but by posting blog comments regularly on a blog, you become known as an extended part of that community. If that blog’s regular commenters and visitors see you regularly, they too, could become readers of yours.

Limit Promotion

While it can be advantageous from a search engine optimisation perspective to have a keyword rich link from another site that points back to your site… however, if you use a keyword instead of your name in the comments section for linking and if you insert a bunch (or even one) obvious ‘No Follow’ link, the blog author is unlikely to let your comment through.

There are more subtle ways to promote yourself, such as blogs with the CommentLuv plugin enabled (this returns your last post at the bottom of your post when you link to a blog).


Link to a blog from your blog and the pingback may turn up. That blog owner may visit your blog to thank you and /or return the favour via blogroll link. Even though one-way links could be more valuable than a two-way link, a two-way link is more valuable than being caught in a spam filter or sent to the email rubbish bin!

By providing useful and relevant blog comments and by checking to see where you’re getting great results, you can get blog comments approved in greater quantity, which could bring in new readers and subscribers as well.

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I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. Another benefit of blog commenting is that if you do actually provide a ‘worthy’ comment, it can result in traffic via people clicking on the website that you have entered as part of your comment.

    I try to keep the self promotion to a minimum. My aim is usually to get involved in a conversation, get one started or just provide my own feedback if a post moves me to that fact.

    • Agreed Cemil. Self promotion on the internet should be handled like self promotion in life. You don’t simply thrust your business card into every conversation. You build your credibility first, through adding valuable blog comments. Then, when the opportunity arises, you can put your hat into the ring.

  2. On top of all of these other benefits, commenting also gives you an opportunity to be educated about what is going on in your niche. When you comment, you are going to have to actually read the content that the blogger puts out, so you will be gaining knowledge at the same time you are getting backlinks. Also, when you are out in the community it will give you a better idea of where you stand in the marketplace. You will see all different skill levels of bloggers out there and it will help you to become a better blogger as well.
    Also, it’s good for your Karma!

  3. Awesome!!! I agree on that…In Online marketing business Blog Comments is the best way to get more back link, increase traffic and get the high page rank in the search engine. But of course blog comment must be relevant to the post in order to be visible on the site after it has been approved by the moderator…

  4. There’s this super-specific blogging community that you only understand if you’re knee-deep in the trenches. So maybe my friends don’t 100% get why I dig comments, but anyone else with a blog understands how vital they are to not only your site’s survival, but to your sanity/ego/motivation to move forward with your life.

    We judge a blog entirely on its comments. I could give less of a sh*t if you get millions of readers every month, but if you’re getting 100 comments per post you are the cat’s pajamas. If you’re in PR you understand that reaching out to bloggers is important. But which bloggers do you contact? Those who are part of something bigger? The columnists for AOL? The biggies on HuffPo? Or do you go to the ones who have established their own little “cult followings”? People like The Bloggess or Marie Forleo…

    To be perfectly honest, the reason I comment on blogs isn’t because people ask. From my experience, both with my own comments and seeing why other people write, here are the top reasons I comment a blog post:

    * The blogger has said something I agree or disagree with strongly
    * I want to congratulate someone on a new job/baby/engagement/personal success
    * Something is hilarious and I want to add my own experience
    * Something is so amazing I couldn’t possibly leave the website without letting the blogger know how amazing they are but am too lazy to write an email (There is a fine line. Remember that.)
    * There’s some form of list, usually in advice-form, where I have something to contribute

    This is an interesting post!

    • The “cat’s pajamas”.. I like that Marian LOL 🙂

      You are certainly on the right track. Although backlinks are a nice part of blog comments, like you say, the real reason you should be commenting is because you actually have something useful say and would like to contribute to the conversation or the post at hand 🙂

    • While Blog commenting, showing that you have connected with the post, and adding value to post are two key elements for getting blog comment approved for me.

      I agree that self promotion should also be avoided, as its always better to give than to take when blog commenting.

  5. I totally agree with this point:

    “If that blog’s regular commenters and visitors see you regularly, they too, could become readers of yours.”

    Also, I would add a tip for leaving a comment on a blog. Don’t be generic or be trying to get something in return. Leave thoughtful, insightful comments that are really geared towards the post! This will establish credibility, will add to the ongoing discussion, and may end up getting the blog follower to follow you back (via Twitter, Facebook, or even your blog).

  6. Like how nice it would be if all blogs were dofollow.

    But, nofollow links are killing SE optimizers these days although it helps to get few visits. The purpose of your blog is to be focused on which to choose. Whether for both search engines and readership or only the readership.