Improving Your PPC Quality Score

PPC Quality ScoreIf you are running a Google Adwords pay per click campaign, the PPC Quality Score is one factor that affects how much you pay, and where your ad is placed in the search results. It is much the same for other search engine campaigns such as Yahoo’s Search Marketing and MSN’s AdCenter.

PPC Quality Score Defined

According to Google, a quality score “is the basis for measuring the quality and relevance of your ads and determining your minimum CPC bid for Google and the search network.

This score is determined by your keyword’s click through rate (CTR) on Google, and the relevance of your ad text, keyword, and landing page.”

Your PPC Quality Score will be classified as poor, okay, or great and you can see these ratings listed through your Google Adwords account. At the bottom end, you will pay a minimal rate for keywords, at the top end you will pay more.

But is it really worthwhile to pay for those poor performing keywords? You will probably get a better return on investment by utilising a fewer number of good keywords.

How To Raise Your Quality Score

Start by concentrating on smaller, more targeted keyword groups. Each group should have a specific, common denominator, such as the recurring use of one main keyword. Then you can create ad copy that is viable for all.

The ads should include this main keyword in the title, somewhere in the body, and the URL that is displayed (not necessarily the same as the actual URL). You may want to develop several ads for each group and use split testing to determine which one is most effective.

Ensure that your PPC campaign is based on narrowed restrictions, or exact matches for your best keyword phrases. If it is too broad, you will not see the best return or the optimum number of conversions. With an exact match, you can be assured that visitor traffic will be targeted and more likely to convert to a sale.

Another way to increase the quality score is to run a link-building campaign in addition to the pay per click campaign. This has the added benefit of aiding organic SEO.

Of course, to be most effective, your website should be scrutinised for adherence to basic SEO practices. Ensure your web pages always include the most important keywords, as should meta tags for each page. In fact, the exact text from your best performing ads works even better.

Landing pages are important, and should be split-tested to maximise the Adwords campaign. Link all pages with easy navigation and add any that might be useful, such as “About Us”, or “Contact Us”.

Utilise Google’s Site Related Keywords tool. The results will inform you of whether or not Google thinks your landing pages are relevant to your targeted keywords.

As you can see, your PPC Quality Score is a vital factor in its success. With the right keywords and the appropriate controls in place, as well as a high quality product and great copywriting, your Adwords PPC campaign could bring in enough conversions to more than pay for itself.

About Sean Rasmussen

I am a passionate blogger and have been a full time internet marketer since 2005. When I'm not with my family, you will find me doing SEO, building websites for many of my clients, and creating products out of thin air! This is a cool gig and I love it!


  1. You obviously put a lot of work into that post and its very interesting to see the thought process that you went through to come up with those conclusion. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I must admit that I think you nailed it on this one. I’m new to the blogging business. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts.

  2. Hello Sean,

    PPC – another great tool to add to the many more that I need to look at.

    I have been using the internet for sometime, but have come to realise in the last week and a bit that I was not using all the tools available to me effectively. With ad words, and now PPC I can see where I need to add to my blog.

    You knowledge + My willing attitude to learn = Successful 2010 🙂


    • Good to hear Lisa. PPC can be a very effective form of marketing, just take your time with it and learn all you can before getting too heavily involved.

  3. Thanls Sean

    There certainly is a lot to consider.

    Is there a good simple handbook that would be beneficial without being totally confusing to the average person?

    • There is bucketloads of PPC information freely available on the net Gee. I don’t know of a particular handbook but do some searching and find some reputable sources and you will learn a lot. On top of that, take your time and start out small, you can learn a lot simply by starting some small campaigns and testing them.

  4. Hi Sean,
    Makes sense especially advice to make sure the keywords are relevant to content and the landing page etc.
    Having a PPC campaign and working out the keywords that are worth spending on a higher click through rate. Great learning.


  5. Jazz Salinger says:

    Hi Sean,

    This an excellent post. I’m really learning so much. I think I’m going to need to put PPC on my blog and get started with it.

  6. When I first started with PPC I jammed about 600 keywords into my campaign and wondered why I was getting mostly poor PPC Quality score. Thats because I only knew enough to be very dangerous. I see it has all changed now and they give you a score out of 10. I think I like the old way better.

  7. Hi Sean

    This process is a bit advanced for me yet as I have a lot to learn! At this time, running a PPC campaign on my blog would be like burning piles $$$$$’s.

    However, reading the information is interesting and I think this may be yet another Google tool I have never seen before. You mentioned a Google site related keyword tool and I see that it let’s you know if your landing pages are relevant to your targeted keywords. This is so clever.

    I wonder how many google tools are out there that I still don’t know about. I am away to do a search.


    • Hi Elly,

      There are a lot of great Google tools out there to help you. The best thing about them is that they’re free. It’s great to find out if both you and Google agree on what your keywords are.

      When I first started my site, they weren’t but as time went on; they slowly started to move towards what I wanted them to be. 🙂

  8. really good post.i am working for ppc campaign. but it was not quite clear for me about quality score. now i have some ideas about it. see if i can improve my quality score . thanks

  9. Ronnie C. Albastro says:

    Nice tip for improving Quality PPC, It is really life changing when we hit the right target for our business, we may think it is not fully achieving the goals we set but it is, really it is. Making your advertisement more attractive and more productive and highlighted is more likely gathers the input we want to. Like what I did I have a lot of ideas gather and apply to it. It is a comforting for us to see progress when the idea we acquire is effective. We really believed in the sayings “Two heads is better than one” so I apply all the necessary concepts to make my advertising more grateful and effective.